Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bloggin' in the Bahamas

So I was just killin time on the beach in the Bahamas when I thought " Gee, I should probably update my blog since it's been like forever !!"  So that's what I'm doing.   It's been pretty crazy these last few weeks so I'll just do a photo montage of our last crazy month.

First, we had to leave all our wonderful new friends in Texas and head home to Utah
( I love you girls!!!)

Then Mylee was finally reunited with her one and only cousin Andrew. 
They've had so much fun getting to know each other.

These are pix from our Family Reunion. This is why I went home early in the first place, so I could lend a helping hand to my mother who was in charge of it this year. 
Oh, and did I mention my little sis is engaged,  this is her man coloring with Mylee.

Of coarse with all the family home we had to take a few family pix.

As soon as Austin got home from Texas we left on a much needed getaway to Florida and the Bahamas, just the two of us!!!

We did the whole Disney and Universal thing and then took a four day trip to the Bahamas.
This was my first time snorkeling, swimming with the fishees.
I got my Bahamas sun burn, so I'm ready to get back home to my baby girl. 
I'm so glad we got to do this though. It's probably going to be the last vacation for a while.