Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birthday Bash

Our little girl celebrated a special 3rd birthday this weekend with a big surprise visit from Grandma Muranaka. We picked her up from the airport on Thursday and Mylee had no idea until she saw her. She was so surprised and just as happy as could be to see Grandma standing there. We had a lot of fun with our special visitor and she was even able to decorate Mylee's princess cake. We had a small party sunday night with friends and then spent Monday just doing whatever Mylee wanted.
Unfortunately all good things have to come to end and we had to take Grandma back to the airport so she could be home for Mylee's little cousin Andrew's birthday celebration.
Thanks Grandma for making Mylee's special day even more special.

At first I wasn't going to do any decorations, but then I decided that it was my only daughter's birthday and she deserved to have a beautiful one. It wasn't much, but it made here feel special.

What's a party without friends.
This was birthday morning. The big present was a princess scooter. The rule is helmet at all times, if you know Mylee you know why.