Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Video

I forgot to add this to the previous blog. This is for all those that wanted to be here, but couldn't. We love you all!!!
So I've kind of been an anti-computer person lately. I just spent the last 15 minutes deleting over 1000 email in my inbox that I never read and I realize I haven't updated my blog since Halloween. I just get so worried that if I spend too much time on the computer I won't get anything else done, and then I realized I don't get much done anyways so I might as well blog and check my emails once and a while. Sorry to all those that emailed me last month and never got a response. I'm such a Moron. Enough venting, it's time for the Christmas blog.
I think Christmas was a wonderful success. Mylee is at the age when Santa is a big deal and she understands that if she wants something all she has to say is "You tell Santa to bring this me Mom" I just got in the habit of saying "sure" and then brushed it off. You know they can't remember from one day to the next what the asked for. The one thing Mylee was very persistent on though, was a "purple fishy". She saw them at Walmart once and every time we asked her what she wanted for Christmas she would say "a purple fishy". Of coarse Santa delivered and Mylee was very excited to see a purple fishy waiting for her on the Kitchen counter.
"Which one should I open next"

Christmas Morning

Somebody's totally not excited for Christmas

There are good and bad things about being away from family at Christmas. I'm not going to lie, as fun as it is being around family it can get pretty stressful when they only live a mile apart. You're constantly being shuffled form here to there and trying to make everyone happy, but on the other hand it can get a little too relaxing when it's just our little family and you almost crave the hustle and bustle of being around lots of family. All in all, we decided to make every effort to spend next Christmas with all our family because we just plain miss em and Mylee is always asking when she can go see Grandma and and all her aunts and uncles.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and we wish everyone the Happiest of New Years!!