Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mylee's trip to the lake

Yesterday, Mylee and I took some of the young women in our ward to Lake Pleasant for a water skiing activity. It was Mylee's first trip to the lake and she loved it. We played in the water and then she took a long nap while mom had fun riding the tubes.
We had a great time.
Austin has been trying to introduce Mylee to the piano. She's starting to play a little bit, but I think she needs some more practice. You can already tell that she really enjoys making music. I'm so excited to see what she does with that love of music.
Well I'll try to keep this more update with new pictures. See ya.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mylee's Summer Blog

This morning took Mylee to the pool and while we were playing Mylee went under the water for the first time. She did pretty well. She was a little surprised but she wasn't too mad at me. Tonight I'm going to take a class on infant messages. Hopefully Mylee will like it.
I think She's getting close to teething because she's been drooling like crazy. I hope it's not too soon.
Austin only has a couple more weeks until his board exams. He's been working really hard and I'm sure he'll pass, no problem, but it's been pretty stressful around here the past few weeks. But no matter how stressed he is, Mylee always seems to cheer him up.
By the way, Mylee is officially sleeping through the night which I have been absolutely thrilled with. She's so good!
See ya later, we all miss you guys.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yesterday Mylee and I went for a little swim. She was absolutely adorable just floating around in her little blow-up fishy having the time of her life. She loves the water and since it had been so hot that day the water was nice and warm. We took a few pictures of the little princess lounging around. Isn't she cute.
This morning during breakfast we set Mylee on the table in her new bebe pod and she began to tell us and amazing story. For about 20 minutes she just gooed and squeaked. She's having so much fun discovering her vocal chords. Sometimes I think she's trying to sing me a song but it comes out just a little squeaky. Well, we'll keep you posted on all of her majesty's cuteness.