Friday, February 27, 2009

Mylee's First "Potty"

So last night marked a major milestone in my daughter's life,  Mylee actually went "tinkle" in the potty!!!  For the last couple of weeks she's been nagging me to take her "potty" and nothing ever actually happens, she just wants to play with the toilet paper, but last night was different.  She actually did it and I was so so so proud of her.  This morning she did it again, however, since then I've changed at least 3 diapers, but still I'm way excited that she's starting to get it.  Well, cross your fingers and wish me luck.  

Other than that my life is pretty simple right now. Austin's been studying like crazy for boards so we never see him, and I haven't had a car, so poor Mylee and I are getting cabin fever. But hopefully by next week things will be better.  

I was checking out one of my other friend's blog and she decided to write something about each one of her family members that she is grateful for.  I think I really need to do this, because sometimes I get overwhelmed by the few things they do wrong and I forget the million things they do right.   So let's start with the #1 person in my life, Austin.  He works so hard everyday, and instead of coming home depressed and stressed he greets me with a charming "hello" and a sweet kiss, the kind that make you feel like time has stopped for just a few seconds.  It makes me rethink my attitude and immediately calms my nerves and the worries from the day just seem to disappear. Than there's Mylee, a very close second, who is full of so much life it's contagious and you can't help but be sucked in to her world of wild and craziness.  It makes me remember what it was like to be a kid and I forget about being a grumpy old grown up for a change.  I love these two very much and I can't wait to tell 
you more  thing  I love about them.

Friday, February 13, 2009

What trip to Texas would be complete without visiting a real Texas Rodeo and stock show.  We decided to see what all the fuss was about and boy were we in for a  treat.  It turns out that rodeos and stock shows are kind of a big deal around here.  I think Austin and I were the only ones there not wearing cowboy boots.  We found a really cute little pair of boots for Mylee.  We decided since she has a few cowboy Grandpas, and a Cowboy Uncle Brittan, she needed a pair of her own cowgirl boots.  I've never seen so many goats, cows, pigs or livestock in one place before.  We all got home with our fare share of manure on our shoes, but it was worth it.  We even witness a pig race.  
Mylee couldn't get enough of the petting zoo. This kid has absolutely no fear when it comes to animals.  She was so excited to be able to get close to them and feed them and pet them.  Her favorite animal was the pigs.  That's all she would talk about, "pig, pig, pig".  It was so nice to get out because Austin's schedule has been so demanding lately we all just needed a little fun. 
So if you ever come to Texas make sure you come during rodeo season, it's a Hoot!!!

Mylee trying to kiss a lama

Mylee feeding the cute baby piglets

Of coarse she  had to ride a pony

Freeze, this is the Mayberry Police Dep!

A little Valentine surprise from my sweety. I just love him!

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Real Texas BBQ

Last weekend we experienced an authentic, real life Texas BBQ cook off. It was a blast! You just paid an entrance fee and then you could eat as much food as you wanted.  We had BBQ brisket, BBQ chicken, BBQ sausages, and BBQ ribs and of coarse their famous slice of bread on the side.  I think you use it to mop up the extra BBQ sauce.  By the time we were done we all smelled of smoke and BBQ sauce.  I think Mylee was just relieved to finally get out of the house, but she seamed to have a  pretty fun time.  She finally fell asleep with exhaustion after  a few hours.
Austin's just working and studying hard for is second set of boards exam coming up in March.  One step closer to graduation, I can hardly wait. And I've been looking at homes in Indiana and getting super excited to be settled again.  This has been a crazy year and it will be so nice to finally have  a place to call home. 

My little cowgirl

I wouldn't want to be shot at with that

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!