Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Shortest Summer of My Life

Holy Cow, I can't believe it's August already. This summer has gone by way too fast. Here in Michigan some of the trees are already turning from green to golden yellow. It's even a bit chilly in the morning and evenings. So we are taking advantage of every warm summer day we have left by going on fun little outings around the Detroit area. One day we went up to Sterling Heights and met our good friend Jean for the day who was visiting her sister in law from SLC. It was so fun to chat about the good ol' day in Phoenix.

Congratulations to Miss Mylee who, for the most part, now uses real silverware at the dinner table all by herself. She's such a big girl. Mylee has also been heard saying new words like "Grandma, Grandpa, Hello, Good by, Cookie and thank you". It's so cute. We've had a lot of fun here in Michigan, but now it's time to prepare for our next destination, Tacoma, WA. I'm sure it will be just as fun and entertaining.
By the way, do you like my new due? It's actually a funny story. Basically I wasn't very happy with the haircut from the salon, so later that night I asked Austin to help me fix it and he gave me a great new look. So if this podiatry thing doesn' t work out we know he could be great hairstylist. Oh and thanks to my awesome friend Emily for helping me give my blog a great facelift. I'm so excited about it. I might even write on my blog more often. Okay, now I'm done

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Scottish Brawl

We have had a blast here in Canton, Michigan with our good friends the Rigbys. Mylee has had many new adventures with her best pals Ali and Kevin. Austin has kept pretty busy working with the other residents, but he's enjoyed getting to know the podiatry program here. Emily has been so good to entertain us and take us to all the fun places around the area. We've visited the Canton children's library, and we found a really cool splash park one day. Everyone I've met here has been very friendly. It's a great community.

On Saturday after Austin was done with surgery, we met him at the park for a neighborhood picnic. Mylee jumped in one of those big blow up jumper cages and loved it. We practically had to drag her out. After the picnic we decided to see if there was any other funness going on nearby and low and behold we found the coolest thing ever, the 159th Annual Detroit Highland Games. Yes, that's right a Scottish festival with kilts and dancers and log throwers and everything. We jumped in the car and were on our way. It was kind of late by the time we got there, but there were still tons of people around drinkin' beer and wearin' kilts and listening to some awesome bagpipe band called "Tartanic". Mylee was clappin' and smilin'' and having a gay ole' time. We even saw a real log throw. We definitely had our Scottish education for the day. We were too late to have real Scottish meat pies, but we did get to try some blueberry cinnamon Welsh Cookies that were nummy. It was a fun day and we had to get our little lassie off to bed, so we headed home, at least what we consider home for now.

Kay, so I just discovered that you can put mini videos on your blog, so I'm going to try it this time. I hope it works. This is Mylee and I jammin' to the rockin' Bagpipe band. They even had a bodrahn player