Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Brand New Year!

We have had a very interesting beginning to our new year here in the Muranaka home.
So far we've visited the ER twice, been admitted to the hospital for two days, spilled orange juice on the computer and had to buy a new one, found out I was pregnant, found out I was not pregnant and replaced the transmission in our car. If this is any indication of what our year is going to be like then I want OUT! I think Heavenly Father is trying to teach us something and we're are obviously not getting it. Hopefully we've suffered enough in the first two weeks of the year that he leaves us alone for the remaining 350 days.
It really does make you appreciate all the good things in life, especially when you don't think there are very many. But once you start looking for them you're surprised at how truly blessed you really are. As long as you have family, shelter, food (especially food), friends and faith you'll always find happiness.

It did snow the other day, and Mylee got to enjoy her first snow day. It's amazing how immune kids are to the cold when they're playing in the snow. She and Skipper had a blast. I promised I'd help her build a snowman, so we managed to make a very small one. I think it turned our pretty cute.
I took this picture with the filter option and Mylee's cheeks were so rosy they came through.

Here's our cute snowman.
And here's our little eskimo.