Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Family, Birthday, and Easter Fun!!! And A LOT of Pictures!

So my husband left me stranded without a car today and I'm going crazy trying to think of things to do so I thought "Maybe I should update my blog" I know crazy huh....  Well, I guess it's been awhile so here's an update on what we've been up to for the past few months.

March was a busy month! First we met my in laws in San Antonio for a few days of fun while Austin went to a podiatry conference.  We went to the children's museum, hung out at the awesome resort pool and made a last minute stop at Sea World before making the looooooooong trip home.  ( I hate driving!) 

As soon as we got back from Texas it was BIRTHDAY TIME!  Can you guess what the theme was for Mylee's party?  Thats right "Hello Kitty". It was so much fun coming up with fun decor and party ideas.  I even made a little Hello Kitty doll with a dress that matched the one I made for Mylee.  
We had Hello Kitty pizza, gift bags, crafts, and hanging Hello Kitty puff balls. 

And of coarse a Hello Kitty Cake (I didn't make the cake but I  added the face)

Before we knew it Easter had arrived and we celebrated with friends at this fantastic nature park nearby.  We had an Easter egg hunt and caught frogs and the adults duked it out in  a pavlova eating contest.  Not to mention it was an absolutely GORGEOUS day!!!

With 9:00 church we had an early Easter Morning but I don't think the kids mind. Poor Kai had an ear infection and an eye infection but that didn't stop him from enjoying his first Easter Basket.

I made Mylee and Kai a matching dress and tie so I really wanted to get some pictures before church so we went in our backyard and took a few. We also have an awesome grass field behind our house  that made a beautiful backdrop.

Who's got the cutest kids ever?  ME!!!!!!

What a STUD!