Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life in Residency

So far we've been in Indiana for about 2 and half months and the realities of life are settling in. You assume that once you get to residency you're home free and it's a breeze from here on, but that's a major misconception. It's just as hard or harder then school, the only difference is you actually get paid to work hard but not as much as you really deserve. I have to give my husband a lot of credit. I don't think I could work 16 hour days and still be in such a good mood. The difference now is that he's doing what he loves and that's all that matters. It makes it a lot easier for me as his wife to be supportive and understanding.
Funny Mylee story: So I think Mylee is getting ready for potty training but I'm not quite ready to make that kind of commitment, so she has officially appointed Skipper our dog to teach her. Twice now I've caught her outside with her diaper off in the grass squatting just like Skipper "going potty". I guess I better step in before it's too late or I'll have to clean up two sets of poop off my lawn.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Congrats Tara & Travis

I am officially not the only married child in my family thanks to my little sis Tara aka Aunt Nellie. Tara and here new hubby Travis got married last friday in Utah and the wedding was simply gorgeous thanks to the brilliance and talent of my amazing mother and friends. My mom did all the flower arrangements, made dresses, decorated, and planed everything. I don't know if I can ever live up to all that. Hopefully she's still around when Mylee gets married so she can do her wedding. I did actually learn how to do flower arrangements and I must say it wasn't so bad. It was a really fun week. A lot of work but even more fun. Mylee loved hanging out with family again too. It was hard to leave not know when we might get to see them again, but we enjoyed coming home to our little house in Indiana. Maybe Channing will get married soon and give us another reason to go home.
Mylee could not get enough of the live band. She would have danced all night long.

Showin' some moves to Grandpa

Here's the lucky couple

We love you Travis and Tara!!! Good luck!!!