Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Trip to the E.R.

I was just about to do a post on how our luck was starting to turn around and the Friday night we were back in the Emergency getting stitches. We were at a birthday party for a friend and Mylee was running around, as usual, claiming her territory, when all of a sudden I hear this "SMACK" and by the time I got to her there was blood everywhere. She had run into an ottoman that had decorative beading around the edge and it had created a nice little gap right on the middle of her forehead. Mylee was very brave and let us get her all cleaned up. It really wasn't too bad of a cut, but being the vain mother that I am I didn't want my princess to have an ugly scar in the middle of her forehead for the rest of her life. So we decided to head into the E.R. and get a couple of stitches just to make it heal up a little better. Austin got to show off his mad skills and did the suturing himself, but I don't think he realized how hard it is to work on one of your own family members. He did a fabulous job though and the stitches are almost healed. Thanks Doctor Dad.

"Is there a big gash in my head?" You'd never know by that face.

My poor sedated child.

Other exciting news!!! I have officially started a Craft/Whatever blog called . . .
and I want you all to check it out. I'm just a beginner at this so bare with me, but I invite you all to contribute to it. So if you have any inspirations you'd like to share please email me or ask me for my email and I will make sure it get's posted.